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Fixed price for uninsured cataract patients

Dr Cronin now offers a fixed all-inclusive price for uninsured patients wanting to have their cataract surgery performed privately. $2250.00 out of pocket per eye. Includes the surgical fee, day theatre fee, a premium mono-focal non-toric lens, & the anaesthetist fee. Does not include your initial consultation or post-op eye drops.

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Stopping High Myopia - Orthokeratology

Using Ortho K / orthokeratology to stop high myopia with Dr Brendan Cronin, Queensland Eye Institute, Brisbane. People who are very shortsighted (high myopia) can have significant problems with their vision as they age.  Some of these problems can even be blinding.  A new treatment offers hope to children and young people whose shortsightedness is progressing.  Orthokeratology involves wearing a contact lens overnight to reshape the cornea.  This gives the wearer good vision throughout the day without glasses.

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